Truly, Madly, Deeply: Ebay

Being my first blog ever I thought I’d start by delving into my world and introducing myself little by little. I hope I manage to explain my eccentricities as time goes by, and yet, find people out there who can find my blogs relatable.

I wonder sometimes how I possibly lived without the internet some years back (as fortunately I am not that old). It has produced such fantastic innovations and I owe it to the creation of Ebay. Ebay is like my other lover, I care about its feelings, I like to give it quality time and I am irrevocably attracted to it. What makes Ebay so infuriatingly amazing? Here I am to explain.

As I mentioned before, I have a bit of a relationship going with it. The first application I downloaded on my new mobile phone was indeed Ebay, and I had to give it special treatment by keeping it on the front page of the home screen. Of course I needed every convenience of accessing it. It is definitely addictive, not like any normal online shopping where you can choose what you like and click the buy button. Sometimes when doing so conscience kicks in, where one feels a certain guilt of buying more than one needs. The same feeling on Ebay? Certainly not! With Ebay all of that goes out the window, to replace it with fierce bidding wars where one is inclined to become competitive, no matter how high the price is going. I can hardly understand why that is, but adrenalin is all that pulsates through my body, especially in the very last minute. That aside, I feel you can find anything on Ebay, that you are specifically looking for, and is proving rather difficult otherwise. As for sellers. The easy convenience of selling your unwanted home items, being a typical reason of selling on Ebay, is enough for the excitement of earning some extra cash.

I have recently moved to a new room in my house and have been redecorating it a little bit. And being a little quirky I’ve been going for specific decor that would be impossible for my small brain to search for, had Ebay not been my saviour. I think a core reason for that is that I have been looking for a lot of vintage things to decorate my room and second hand, or vintage items are a lot easier to find on Ebay especially since the era of vintage buying is quite widespread and a lot more attractive to buy than they ever used to be. Of course Ebay dotes on second hand selling and buying. The icing on the cake is that prices are almost always reasonable, despite the fast paced bidding that goes on. That is the primary reason why I always think of Ebay first. I would also like to give extra credit to shops that have initiated on Ebay. What makes it ever so much more interesting is that these shops on Ebay may have their proper online buying websites, yet the same items that they sell on Ebay often prove cheaper to buy, either because the products are discounted or that postage and packaging are free. A bonus of all this is also that we can pay through Paypal without having to go through all the hassle of registering and entering your card details. It is thus quicker and a lot more safe and secure. To add to the delights of being a buyer, it is also undoubtedly true that Ebay is extremely interactive. It is customer focused and values communication between buyer and seller, to establish customer satisfaction. Feedback is so important. It helps in allowing buyers to decide themselves whether they would like to do business with a certain seller. Recently Ebay has introduced the use of only positive feedback therefore allowing for buyers and sellers to steer away from too much conflict and run a very positive website. That is definitely something that i have never experienced when buying from a normal, commercial online retail store.

So it is not just about becoming penniless thought the buying frenzy on Ebay, once you have entered the Ebay world, you can courageously explore selling (bring back some of the monies). It is definitely worth the effort. Whether it is you cleaning your wardrobe out or  that you actually are planning to start a business. The wait is antagonizing before a bid comes through, but once it does it is extremely satisfying. It is true that you are not always successful in selling, but as you sell more and more you start understanding what customers prefer, and you go according to that. Once you have established yourself as a reliable seller, people will come back to buy your items. That is why I think it is so customer focused. I now know what sells best so I preserve all those things at home, for when I want to re sell them. It is great because I now always think I can get value for money for most of my things at home by re selling them, and getting some cash back. I am however a very new seller in the market and have a lot more to learn and experience before I can give my full report. For the moment I am quite happy with having sold what I have.

As it happens, there are always some niggles with everything, that can be a little annoying or bothersome, and for Ebay it is true but on a smaller scale. I honestly have little  complaints about Ebay. I do know that as a buyer or seller communication is absolutely vital and sometimes the responder can be a little slack or not bother at all to communicate, and that indeed is very frustrating. This however is very unheard of on Ebay because most buyers and sellers take absolute care in satisfying their customers, through communication. As a seller I can find a few things a little tiresome. The number one reason for my complaint is solely to do with the website itself. It happens often, and I do not know whether it happens with you as well but often when I am trying to place an item for sale, the process is not at all smooth. I am having to continuously log in as I am automatically signed out. And sometimes I simply cannot get to the desired page because I am directed to the log in page constantly. That may be simply because of timing, as I have noticed it happens more when I am putting an item on sale late at night. I am normally quite successful earlier in the day. In terms of other seller qualms, I think another reason for tedium is when a buyer backs out of payment. At first I only read and could hardly believe it, but when I experienced it myself I could understand the pain, especially when a buyer comes up with a lame excuse for not paying. Lastly I think the delay in receiving your payment by Ebay is something I would prefer not to have.

That being said the majority of my experiences so far on Ebay have been exhilarating. The delight of receiving a fantastically well packaged and desired item, being accepted an offer you have sent, watching your bids increase in the last few minutes of your auction, receiving pleasing feedback, and noticing customer service at a league of its own are only some of the many advantages of Ebay. Do try it out as my experience shows that you will get a lot out of it, and will have little to get disappointed about.