The heard Prayer

My lips utter a prayer as though it were a wish,

that my life be guided by an illuminating existence O’ Lord

May all the Earth’s gloom be taken away through the life that I lead.

Such that my emanating spark should bright everywhere.

May my country earn elegance by cause of my effort.

Like a flower adorn’s a garden with its magnificence.

May my life take shape like a devoted moth, O’ Lord,

may I grow to marvel in the light of knowledge.

May my task be to look after those in need,

to love and support the afflicted and feeble

O’ My Lord! Protect me from every vice

Guide me only to that path, which is the path of kindness

Muhammad Iqbal (Allama Iqbal)- an author of Urdu poetry and literature.


The Relativity of Evil

There is no absolute evil in this world:
evil is relative.
In this world, there is no poison and sugar
that is not a help to one, a hindrance to another.
Snake-poison is life to the snake,
but it is death to a human being.
The sea is Paradise to a fish,
but can drown animals.

     Jalal ad-Din Rumi