The Nature of Self

When life turns a shade grey and hopes begin to shatter. When you almost give up on the thought of a life cherished with happiness  and meaning, a sudden roar of the wind is heard outside your window in a quite residential area.

The leaves start rustling fervently as to defiantly confirm nature’s worth and lament at your ignorance at not being able to appreciate being.

Nature has its way of announcing to us quickly what we have purposely been avoiding.

It is this affirmation we get from the sounds of nature that explain why sadness in life is also part of a natural process, like the wind which goes from being at a calm state to unexpectedly bellow as if to complain


Yet you know that the wind will be rewarded again with eventual composure, in a similar way that sadness does not last forever. Nature is life itself. Once we grasp that idea we shall never let any sorrow take hold of our lives.