Student Life…


Hey its ok….

  1. To use your flatmate’s salt once in a while when your own has run out. If you’re quick she’ll never find out.
  2. To have ketchup with everything you eat, even salad. It fills you up easily.
  3. To act like you have ignored someone on the street because you are running late. The likelihood is that they’ll know you have just bluffed as you are terrible at acting, but hey everyone has done it at some point!
  4. To set memos on your phone and never read them ever again. It is the thought that counts.
  5. To sleep with a hoodie on when its a cold night. The strappy tops can wait till summer.
  6. To be walking one direction to then realise you are going wrong, then to turn around casually and strut down the other way as if you were heading that way all along.
  7. To make a rattle with your junk food eating in the library. It is already past 12, no one should care about what you are doing as half of them are probably dazed or asleep
  8. To continuously renew the high demand library books until you have passed Christmas and the books sit on your desk untouched.
  9. To incessantly moan about an approaching exam and how you must start studying for it, until you leave it to the very last night before the exam to cram everything in your head. Let’s hope only what you have managed to learn comes in the exam.
  10. To open notes needed for a seminar on a PDF file on your phone as you are too lazy or want to save money on printing, even though reading them on such a small screen is a shite business.