Amazon Prime Air Drones.


After splitting my finger open with a knife, I sat broken and depressed with the TV blurting nonsensical gurgitations. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the news anchor talking about people playing around with remote controlled helicopters. And I thought, really is that what the media really has to offer when there are pressing matters to be discussed.

And then I started paying attention. This was apparently Amazon’s new service called Amazon Prime Air. They are literally going to be delivering your packages within 30 minutes. These remote sensor controlled helicopters will drop your package, but they’ll charge a premium.

The implications of such a service can be monumental. Such an idea could start a revolution within the current online shopping market. They are literally going to deliver your phones and laptops quicker than your pizza guy will deliver your pizza.

I personally can’t wait to be droned 🙂


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