The Absurdity of Pride

It’s strange sometimes when you feel a happy kind of pleasure at hearing something positive being said about a thing or a matter remotely related to you. Its a funny emotion, actually quite hilarious. I was talking to an architect friend of mine and he commented on the sturdiness of the building I am living in. Though I am solely renting, and my stay here is merely contractual, making it the least personal, I suddenly had the inner me whispering ‘Why thank you, so nice of you to say that, well…what can I say?’, and it kind of made me giggle immediately at the amusement of how I had subconsciously taken ownership, making me feel satisfyingly proud! It is like saying, ‘dude you have such fantastic internet speed man’, and you feel elated at how you’re being liked for a service that has simply been provided to you by your accommodation. Lets see how fast your internet is when you have to buy it yourself!

But then its the choice you make. Studying English Literature at the University of Manchester is good, but knowing that the Engineering department is fantastic is what excites you. What difference does a good Engineering department make to you, if you’re a student of English Literature? But that inner you whispers again reassuring you with ‘good choice man’. It is feeling worth something, and a feeling which is a must for positivity. One must keep searching for this burst of pride in order to avoid periods of feeling low, or depressed, and it is most definitely an ego booster.

Most egotistical people stay quite happy in the ignorance of pride, even if their importance is only minimal in the grand scheme of things, but its their thought and assumption of self worthiness that makes them feel important, and takes away any pain, or in actual fact, they may not even feel pain, because of the positivity.

As funny as it sounds, I noticed this whilst watching the American version of the The Office, and Steve Carell’s character in it; Michael Scott, is very much a selfish person, and most people hate him in the office, but there is something innocent about him that keeps him going. He does not let anything affect him in the least, and if it does, he finds ways to make himself feel better, whilst being so utterly unaware of his own personality and its response from other people. And that is what I find so positive about his character.



I wonder how watching something that is seen as being brainless can make me conclude so many lessons about life. There is a scarcity of good TV these days, but when you find it it is nice. I can safely say that The Office is probably the only comedy worth watching, better than the ones that are on these days, and they are well and truly witless. 

I feel that sometimes an ego is needed in order to avoid the torment of things that make you distressed, which I feel is on a high in this day and age. An ego gives you a burst of confidence, and lets face it, makes you feel elated. I think we have misinterpreted the meaning of ego and it is seen in a very negative light. The definition is feeling self-esteem and self-importance, and everyone deserves that in order to function in this world. An ego is a driving force for assertiveness in many areas like work and study, therefore if one did not have an ego, there would be no point in working hard, because one would not feel that satisfaction in knowing what you are doing proves your abilities in certain areas. Therefore when ego is applied positively, then egotism will change to confident, positive productiveness, where the act of being conceited will be accused of, rather than the act of feeling proud of ones abilities.


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