9 Things To Do In The Night For A Night Owl

I have always been quite an insomniac when it comes to sleeping at night. Or rather, I have always procrastinated going to sleep. Of course if I plonked myself to bed and tried to sleep, like most people, I’d imagine to fall asleep quite easily. However distractions became my habit, and so as it happens my body clock has turned nocturnal. The only thing I can then do is to find things to do! And whether you like it or not, the night-time is the most peaceful time to do all those selfish things you really would like to do but do not ever have the time or get the chance. Here’s my list of the amazingness I get up to dead in the night!
1.Play Cell Splat
I discovered this game whilst downloading ‘mum’ friendly games for my mother for her new iPhone and since I have become an addict! Now my family and I have night matches to see who can get the highest score and it just gets one hooked! The game is quite simple, There are a number of shapes in different colours as the image denotes and you have to zap the specific shape in a specific colour according to the target shape at the top. It is very entertaining to play and it is also a test on how quick your mind can think, with the quick reactions! The night can just fly by with my self competition!
2.Make A Virgin Mojito
It’s probably not the healthiest thing to be having so late at night, but hey it makes me go a little Emma Stone whenever I decide to have it! It’s one of those satisfying drinks, where you just sit back and take in the refreshment with delight. The summertime is when my craving for a Virgin Mojito increases and having made it so many times I sure can fix a splendid mojito, experimenting with different ingredients. I sound like a loner.
3. I will be lying if I say that Taking Selfies is not fun! It is actually quite a lot of fun! Then there are all these new and wonderful photo editors to play around with like Instagram and Snapseed and you never know when time flies by. Who would have thought that taking selfies can also make you feel shy. Eugh!
4. Paint with Water Colours
This is a newfound activity that I engage in quite often at night and only that baby above can describe how it makes me feel!
5. Brush My Teeth for as long as Ten Minutes
The satisfaction one gets in leisurely brushing away all the dirt in your teeth. Let’s be honest, how many of us would actually spend more than one minute in brushing teeth. To have such clean teeth is bliss.
6. Do A BBC Austen Series Marathon
The only reason why I write Marathon is because once I begin, its rather hard for me to switch off, and I am sure a lot of romantics can relate. This puts me in a mood detached from the rest. I am in a little Austen world, of beautiful countrysides, witty banter, and romance. If someone were to catch me off guard, there would be some embarrassment.
7. Drinking a big mug of Horlicks is probably something I’d do if I were wanting to feel warm and fuzzy, especially on a winter’s night. I don’t know if a lot of you have had Horlicks but its this malt drink you have with milk, and it is mmm…
8. Do Pretend Online Shopping
This is extremely time-consuming, as I go from one online website to another, adding things in my basket. And it is as if I am going to eventually buy all these hundreds of items, to then simply click the X button, closing the tab. I must admit it is very enticing building up the basket like that, but once reality hits only one feeling is felt.
9. Sell your Unused Items on Ebay
This can be enjoyable, but a lot of the time I find myself questioning whether I need to sell something, even though I have hardly used a certain item. Because it is an amusing pass time I end up selling more than I should, but my possessiveness always gets in the way of making some useful money.

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