Malala’s rise to significance.


The young girl who campaigned in the dangerous regions of swat, underwent some arduous few months recovering from a revengeful bullet wound that nearly took her life and left her with a traumatic memory.

These corrupt bullies terrorised a little girl who demanded education, which was her cultural and Islamic right. How many bullies are out there who threaten and oppress people. And I’m talking about organised crime. But it’s not something we get to hear too often in the news. It is thus peculiar that Malala, though innocent and undeserving of such an awful act, should be so widely publicised.

Admirably Malala is one young woman who has confidently dealt with hardship, and still on a mission to change  the world. It was particularly touching to watch her recent documentary on BBC where she shows characteristics of being an extremely sensible girl. Her interview with Jon Stewart was enlightening  as she spoke about how violence is not the answer  to violence.   If anything this very public exposure of Malala has done is that she has eminently become a positive spokesperson for the rights of humanity in general. There needs to be one person like her to be the voice of the common man. And though I feel the drone attacks that occur in Pakistan day in day out, are crippling the nation with unnumbered innocent  deaths,  Malala is a constant reminder of having lived an horrific period of her life, suffering an attack herself, but coming out a warrior and having a renewed sense of life.


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