Wannabe techno geek’s (but really clueless) guide to the new bitesize Apple Nano.

I was kindly gifted the new Apple iPod, 7th generation of the Nano series, as I received a surprise through the post the other day. Would I say that is what I had been wanting? Definitely yes! I was given the lilac colour, out of the hefty range in colours, which was adequate enough to get my girly excitement going. And let me just be honest, before having received the iPod it had been thoroughly discussed as to what I would like as a present for my birthday, and we settled on this mp3 player. So it was not entirely a surprise, although I had little knowledge as to when I would actually receive it.

Looking back I do not know what made me want this music player, but a lot of it was down to the actual name of Apple, and their reputation of producing sleek and simplistic products that are smooth to the touch and make you feel like you are a proud owner of a modernistic gadget. After all, aren’t we all suckers for being cool? Then again, I felt a little common, in having given in to the idea of having an item, shrouded by its brand name, and famous for its sensational touch features.

What more could this nifty little iPod offer, apart from its looks, and its user experience of advancing from scrolling up and down with buttons, to actually having touch features? It is essentially a music player, and plentiful in the market. Are we paying for the progress of Apple as a brand? As far as I see it the price is unjustifiable. It was a spur of the moment want, and I feel quite brattish to have got what I wanted so easily. In hindsight I should have gone for the fit bit!

In some ways I cannot even blame myself, because I do not know if you have seen the new advertising video of the Apple iPhone, but that guy’s voice is hypnotising! I remember when I worked as a shop assistant in my teens, I was always advised to try to make the customer feel absolutely loved by whatever he or she was buying. I can only think of how astonishingly Apple has nailed this element of customer service! In fact Apple knows its customer, and credit has to go to them for really taking this into account, as it is vital for consumerism. They put the customer first, and that is why we buy their products, it is plain, simple and sophisticated, just like their products!

I am starting to sound like a fan girl now, but hey, I love Apple products. I like plain and simple. Why shouldn’t we have a comfortable product experience, rather than having to understand the complications, which may result in giving up as well. I love the warm colours this new iPod has to offer. I love its miniature size and how it fits so easily in my palm that I sometimes forget I’m holding it. I love how its wonderful for exercising and has a fairly large touch screen that you can browse whilst jogging, rather than having to click through each song one by one in order to get to your desired song. I love it for allowing me to use iTunes as it has been the only music library that I have managed to suss out. Lastly, I love it for coming with some amazing pair of headphones, where the new design fit better in the ear, and the song quality is, as always, a delight.


I am not yet such a heightened fan girl that I succumb to buying the iPhone. I do feel that for a phone, iPhone is not sufficient enough for me. But that will be discussed another day. I am satisfied with using an Apple mp3 player as there is not too much brain needed for it, but it is a useful item to have as it does the job very well. The only complaint I have is the price, and sadly for Apple, this complaint of mine will continue. As of now, I am just as much thrilled about my iPod Nano as I was when I had just got it through the post!


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