Pining for Attention

What makes a person content in life? I feel human contact is far more important than anything else material in this world. Of course opinions may differ on this. I don’t just mean the companionship of a partner, a mother or a friend. I essentially mean that human existence is important in ones life. Even if it is just a conversation you strike up with the owner of a newsagents when you’re out in the morning to buy your daily newspaper.

Whilst working at a charity for the elderly I realised how lonely these elderly males and females were. There was one lovely lady who had been isolated from the world. She had quite shockingly not left her house for seventeen years! And the bulk of these people had seemingly led independent lives, throughout their active life, to then have a complete shut down. I used to frequently go to her house to aid her with shopping. Initially I imagined myself to be extremely professional in getting the job done, however what I hadn’t realised was how desperately this charming lady needed conversation. She looked forward to me coming over so that she would have someone to talk to. Inasmuch that she would talk about how the nurse came to visit her, or how she was trying to get hold of someone at customer service in order to buy a certain article she had wanted. Principally she described her day surrounding the contact she had had with other human beings.

Driving past a doctor’s surgery, I often see a number of elderly, smartly dressed and excitedly awaiting their meeting with the doctor. It is probably their best moment, where they actually have a person who can attentively listen to them, know what troubles them, and who they can sometimes have a joke or two with. It is not many a times they get to express themselves so much. They are thought of as a nuisance, or too eccentric to talk to. We forget they too need attention, and more importantly, we will also go through these processes at some stage in our lives.

As a child we are encompassed by people who dote on us and diligently take care of us, thus this beginning of human love is what spoils us. Our human make up is such that we need love. At the same time we need to give love as well. And this exchange of love is what makes life so beautiful. This does not mean that you become too expectant, but as a person, knowing the value of another person is very important. Simple good behaviour will produce positivity. So here is to all those elder people in our lives that are quite regularly ignored. Let us not forget they were once us as adults, and we should most certainly value their life experiences, wisdom, warmth, and particularly, their presence.


9 thoughts on “Pining for Attention

  1. I really enjoy following your blog and being able to see your journey through life. Your opinions, expressions, creativity and insight-fulness so I chose you as one of my nominees for the Liebster Award. – – Thank you for your continued contribution to the blogging community.

    1. Its been an absolute delight and shock to know my blog has been appreciated and thank you so much for that! I will oblige willingly to go forward and take part in the Blogger Awards. Thanks so much once again and I am glad I can reach out to the blogging community in some way or another!

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