How to be a Comedian

Blogging on my birthday. Seems weird. But I am not hear to talk about what I will be doing for my Birthday. Actually what made me want to write this post was a conversation I had with my family the other night and a cousin of mine began telling how Michael McIntyre (a famous English comedian) spoke about an amusing incident in one of his shows which left us all laughing. This led me to think about comedy and how one uses comedy to be funny. That cousin of mine was impersonating McIntyre and in a way she had craftily taken on his role by re-telling the story. This made me think. After all, we all have a comedian inside us. So here I am to try to fathom what makes these funny people so…well funny.

1. Situational Comedy

We have all heard of the word ‘Sit-Com’. A stand up comedian tries to illustrate exactly that. They can pick a certain incident in their life or of another person’s life and completely rip that situation to shreds by taking a laugh out of it. If you notice, most comedians state things within a story. There is normally a background to their actual point of humour, making the incident very situational. Hmm…not so much of a hard task for the common man?

2. Gestures

When my cousin told us the story, we all agreed that McIntyre is extremely savvy with his head bobbing. It wasn’t hard for my cousin to impersonate that same gesture to bring in the comic timing to the story. And as I analysed it further, I gathered that most comedians implement this useful tool in order to make their act seem more comical. Imagine a comedian who stood in one position all the time and only uttered words. He would probably not have a job for too long! The thing with people is that they want raw entertainment, so the sillier and wackier the antics are of the comedian, the funnier they find him or her. Lets all become clowns then.

3. Having the knack of being a racist and getting away with it.

This one’s a classic and I apologise if I am generalising but would you happen to remember a certain ‘The Apprentice UK: You’re fired’ incident where Dara O’Brian, the host of the show passed a seemingly racist remark after showing a video clipping about an audience poll, on who should be the winner. If you have not I’ll explain. The people being interviewed were from all races (naturally since the UK is a multi cultural and multi ethnic country) and there came a little asian boy who excitedly quipped on who he wanted to be the apprentice whilst being cute and hilarious. Once over, O’Brian managed to pass a remarkably racist comment, potentially carrying characteristics of being offensive, but easily ignored when he uttered ‘that Indian kid’. Unless he knew the ethnic origins of all the people being interviewed how would he have known? Okay so it was a joke, and was meant to be humorous, therefore it was allowed. Thus if you’re good at being a racist, you’re probably a really funny person!

4. Word play

A good comedian has the power of words and the talent of structuring sentences in order to be witty. More importantly the ability to form sentences and use the correct words on the spot, meaning; improvisation. This brings me on to my next and final point.

5. Delivery

A comedian must have the confidence to deliver a perfect speech in order to engage the audience. Without this confidence, the delivery will lack, and a perfectly funny story in your mind, will come through as being rather dull and boring. Your over-enthusiasm can also be an over kill at times. I’ll be honest I’m pathetic at telling a good joke. Sadly the way I feel it, I cannot say it! Watching me attempt is apparently amusing though..

So there you have it. Do you have what it takes to be a successful comedian? I hope this is a concise explanation of how you can win the hearts of people, through your comedian inside you!


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