The art of giving Charity

I had a sudden surge of memory, remembering the time when my Dad told me a story about this inspiring lady who opened a small shack in a run down road, providing food on a daily basis for the poverty-stricken people that hover the streets of Pakistan. It is without a doubt not possible that she could have managed to feed every single person living in destitution, however what struck me most was this innocent thought she must have had in mind. To give a free service, and to be able to fill the stomachs of at least a few people, with wholesome and longed for food. She must have begun her journey with the aim of eradicating hunger.

It is human nature to expect the absolute best when having a goal. A motivated goal. A drive to succeed. We apply this motivation in many aspects of life; for academic studying, whilst aiming for a high flying career and whilst decorating your house for the show of others. Yet charity and giving is something we leave behind in the busy race for the perfect life.

Charity is a service. As simple as smiling to a pedestrian whom you have given way to cross is charity. I remember one time I was coming back home from University for my holidays, I reached Euston Station and hopped on to the escalator absentmindedly. Little did I know that a few moments later I would see a trolley toppling down the stairs and crashing on to me! Needless to say I got hurt, more emotionally than physically. In the meanwhile that I rubbed my leg to ease the pain, the lady who owned the luggage, trotted up to me, picked up her luggage, and swiftly walked away, without as much as acknowledging me, let alone say sorry. Much like the other day when my brother and I got stuck in the car whilst we waited for our parents to come out of Sainsburys (which I must say was highly embarrassing as it locked itself automatically) and the alarm recurrently went off, deafening my brother and having me in a flit of tears! The onlookers just watched in amusement, increasing both our anxiety. It was a sight to see,  and it came to show that no one comes to help in a time of need. It was not that we wanted help, but their curious faces were making us more conscious of our surroundings.

If charity in the form of a kind gesture is scarce, then how would one expect charity in the form of giving financially. How many times have you come across an advertisement about countries struck my famine, dirty water and diseases. How much do you do? Probably stop what you are eating at that moment, or change the channel. Strangely poverty has not diminished over time, but is on a new high. If I can get inspired by one campaign on the net or on TV, and go over to a charity shop and donate whatever I can, I am doing a little, and that little would go a long way if everyone were to do that. Furthermore these kinds of acts are needed, in order to influence others. That lady working strenuously for the sake of those in need is a symbol of exemplary people out there in this world.


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